An Infinite Possibility

Just like an occasion of drawing a tangent from an unending circle is infinite so are our human emotions, reactions towards situations, our purpose towards various things in life are. These tangents, which maybe your emotions, perceptions etc. solely depend on how you take a particular situation or an event. Though the fact is this post doesn’t advocate that you always make right and happy tangents but to let you know that whatever tangent you’ve drawn, its done for, there is nothing you can do to change it but only you can cherish it, embrace it, learn and lead on. If the next thing you might wonder of what is a right and wrong tangent, there is no demarcation. Again, like how you’ve drawn a tangent in that infinitely going on circle of life, others have too. Your tangent is an event for them to which they will form another tangent, another event and it goes on. So come as you are, unbiased amd nirvair, draw a tangent and continue living a life that you proudly embrace and cherish it even more.




Are you still running?

What is so beautiful about finding safety, finding solace that we keep running to reach for it when something goes out of our hands? We find safety in darkness too, but isn’t darkness something you associate negativity to? Maybe, when times come we do not realise what actually is safe spot and what is not. Not that I am advocating a negative association to darkness, it has a comfort in its own little light. Often there would be times when someone will let you down, make you feel ugly, lose hope in you, will tell you that the world would be better without you, would tell you all these things no one ever would wish to hear. In times like those how us humans would react would be very similar to what we do when we feel danger is lurking around, either you fight it or you ‘run away’.

All you have to realise is that for how long and from whom all would you run? This run is fed from your peace of brain, don’t make it close you down to a point you see a point of no return. Stop this run, stop meddling your heart with words that mean so little.

I know you might be wondering that how can I just say that? I am not. I know it would be a slow and painful process but you have to break free from it. Seek someone who is ready to find you when you hide, even if that someone is you.

I believe that you can do it.



A Choice

Choices. A small word though. Making choices for smaller things in life to making choices for life, it has no end. Sometimes the options we chose from are many but sometimes, there are none. Choosing to let go over holding on, choosing to laugh over trying to or choosing that you are enough and knowing you can’t ever be enough…

We all make choices that impacts us in multiple ways with varying magnitudes. Always having a stronger option chosen is not a choice. Sometimes you have to choose a less strong one. I guess, the generation we live in gives us a lot of options but leave us in circumstances that may make us narrow down to this one option that you think might be right for the time.

Body shaming. Well, many out there might preach about how its wrong, but ask yourself, what choice did you make when you saw a ‘fat’ girl behind a book in cafeteria? Did you choose to call her fat or appreciate the fact that she is beautifully sculpted? Funny right?

We all are advocating something that once in a lifetime we have done or we are prone to do. Choosing a better option certainly wont make you a better person. But making a choice that justifies your actions, that justifies what action plan you’ve built to light up someone would always have an upper hand while choosing.

Again, options are there, it is what the world and its riches offer you, but a choice is what you make, its something that depends on you, something that defines you.

I know you might end up doing wrong too, its all intuitive. Nothing is fixed or calculated. But this wrong, again leads you to make a choice. Would you close yourself up and bury yourself from the ghost of past or would you rise up, tell yourself its okay to be wrong and learn from it…?

Its all on you folks!

Now, I’ll ask you, do you choose to listen words or hear something that is never said…



Are you receptive to critique yet?

How do you feel when you shed blood, sweat and tears for something only to find that everyone has something negative to say about it? It doesn’t feel alright. No matter how strong your up front be, on the inside you still feel being demeaned.

Though it can be hard to be receptive to it, truth is, ‘critique will only help you grow more and more’. Now, being wise enough to recognise which critique should be implemented can be a bit of trick to handle. While forking your way through it you might not realise the worth of positive critique and might as well shrug it off BUT what we tend to do the most, it’s to take destructive critique way too seriously. We often come across people who get mixed critique for their content, but all their eyes would be fixated upon its negative + destructive one.

What makes us so small that we don’t believe in our own selves? Why is it that someone else’s word impact us in more ways than we can imagine, why do we let them happen in first place? Have we become so permeable that we do not realise what we are letting in? Stand hard on your ground and tell yourself first that whatever you’ve done is to your best ability and even though their opinion matter, there is a scope for improvement, you won’t let it cut through you.

Maybe, I won’t find answers to these. But I know, that when I do, I’ll make sure to be receptive to positive critique too.

Let’s hear out to you now. Remember, your own two hands can construct and destroy, so choose wisely.



Starting with you..

Looking at your doings and pondering upon where you’d have gone wrong, separating grey from black, lies from white ones and love from the weightless word can be quiet challenging. Often you’ll find yourself walking down a path that leads you to this “no way out” circle and you go round about it only to realise that you are stuck.

Let’s listen to you won’t help you reach the end but will make sure that you realise that you are strong enough to get out of this loop and start anew, whenever and wherever. These words might just be words unless you realise the weight that’s there in between the lines.

So, let’s establish a way to communicate without words, without biased meaning, without you having to tell the world that you need to be listened to.

Hoping to have a soulful talk with you.